#muglife  Tate Modern Mug

Mugs we have known and loved.

This useful mug follows the typical wider, slightly shorter bone-china format of recent decades and has done good service in its capacity as a beverage conveyor.

While we lament the rarity of the more classic, refined ‘soho’ shape - with its eminently drinkable curled lip, narrower hand-fitting body and slight height advantage - we also ‘drink from the wine available’ and have not been disappointed in this mug as a day-to-day performer. Though it has to be said it has an unnerving propensity to accumulate grot. Whether that is down to the glaze, the quality of water - or the quality of hygiene - at Magazine towers, it remains to be empirically established…

∞  Last edit/update on: 14 / 3 / 2023

An artistic rendition of the mug
An artistic rendition of the mug
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