magazine (n.)
from Middle French magasin (“warehouse, store”), from Italian magazzino (“storehouse”), ultimately from Arabic مَخَازِن‎ pl (maḵāzin), plural of مَخْزَن‎ (maḵzan, “storeroom, storehouse”), noun of place from خَزَنَ‎ (ḵazana, “to store, to stock, to lay up”). Source: Wiktionary

Since a teenager I've been fascinated by the idea of disseminating ideas and information.  Originally, that would have been as a paper or magazine. I never did produce anything even such as a fanzine, though I did write for one briefly.
And now we have printing press 2.0  a.k.a. the world wide web.
The internet has long since fascinated me too.  Even in its nascent era of basic static pages, it seemed wondrous to be able to read something uploaded from the other side of the world.  And it was.
So here I am.  Finally putting it out there.  This is a London based editorial webzine, with a global reach.
However, this is not intended to be a one way street, engagement with other humans at large is my ultimate aim.  You may do so via our twitter account, or by old-fashioned and much cherished email.


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NB. We fully admit that anything written on this site may well have been said elsewhere, and better.  We provide acknowledgements and sources where possible, to the best of our knowledge.  Please let us know of any other similar articles that may exist - we'd love to read them!
Also, be prepared for (attempted) humour and fiction while reading this webzine, and don't take anything you read here as a statement of fact.

Talking of which, all our prose is written by our writer-in-residence Giuseppe Almoro. He hasn't left us with any direct means of contact yet, but you can address any correspondence to him in the subject line, send it to our above 'hello' email and we'll pass it on.

Articles are often edited post haste for typos and other errors, please point out any that you discover.

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Balcony, Lisbon
Balcony, Lisbon

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